Monday, November 10, 2008

A Letter About a Letter About a Country About an Idea


The following is an e-mail I sent to some friends and family recently regarding the elections. Check out the link in it....

Friends and Family,

All of you are people with whom I have had a conversation (at least in the past year) regarding our recent Presidential elections. A common topic of interest for Christians is the question of “how to respond” to the results, and I’ve seen a somewhat emotional response from believers on both the right and the left. This concerns me just a bit. While I love the enthusiasm with which our country engaged this year’s elections, I also see that it can easily lead to an emotional over-investment in a particular candidate, issue, ideology, or party.

As you all know very well, our investment must first be to His Kingdom, not to the worldly, human, finite kingdoms of this Earth. I do not say this because I think you need a reminder, but because I see each of us (as members of the Kingdom) as having a unique opportunity to humbly point this out to those around us.

Now the real reason I’m writing… I found the following link at a site called UrbanFaith (thanks Dee) and I think this letter written by a pastor to his congregation articulates well the kind of unity and reconciliation believers of either side of the aisle are called to have. If you have 5 free minutes, check it out: We are to place our hope in our King, not in our President, our Congress, or our government.

I hope you enjoy the brief article, and please know that each of you is a blessing, a challenge, and an encouragement for me to be more like Christ.

Thanks for your time and have a blessed day,


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