Friday, July 10, 2009

So what's a blog for anyway?

I re-discovered my blog from college today! It's a livejournal (how angsty).

I read some of my old entries this morning. Many of them are all about what I was up to, chronicling the ups and downs of my life as a university student. I started it halfway through my freshman year and my last post was in the fall of my senior year (after that I lost the password to it and had to create a new one; perhaps it was best that those thoughts would be preserved in a wholly separate place). It is really fun to reflect, and luckily I really did document many of the goings-on of those years. There were things I had completely forgotten.*

This got me thinking: Why blog? People have made fun of blogs a lot, and I've been mocked for doing things like blogging or Twitter or whatever. But you know what? I'm going to keep doing them. I've been mocked for things before and I never let that stop me. I realize that I could just keep a private journal (which I do, thank you very much), but I think this is good because it 1) forces me to think a bit more about how I'm articulating my thoughts (i.e. keeping an "audience" in mind) and 2) it's stored on the interweb so that I won't lose it.**

One other thing I realized when reading my old blog: Some things change, others stay the same. So now, a few observations about how I'm different and how I'm still me...

- Thankfully, I've matured some in my faith, my thought processes, and my values.
- I don't use emoticons anymore.
- My musical tastes have refined somewhat.

- I have some favorite (go-to) words and phrases and literary techniques. For instance, the parenthetical statement; also the word "somewhat."
- I tend to pick the same topics, namely music.
- I love lists. I make lots and lots of lists.

Well, there we have it. I'm resolving now to blog more frequently. Here's to nostalgia!

* Kerrie is really good at remembering. This is a shortcoming of mine. Good thing I have a blog!
** Photobucket destroyed all the pictures I had originally posted on my LiveJournal. Not cool.