Saturday, November 25, 2006

Blogs: Pointless? You decide.

This is officially my second blog.
The first is a livejournal.
Some might ask, "Why?"
Some might say, "Nay."
But it is entirely likely that absolutely no one will ever read this blog. I don't think I'll tell people about it and just see what happens. I predict it will grow infinitely popular and that I'll get multi-thousand dollar book deals. My friend, Peyton, actually did just that: he started to write about his life and it got really popular, and somehow, despite the fact that his life is not particularly interesting, he has a book deal now. He's also trying to start a new Facebook that will allegedly blow Facebook out of the water ( I'm skeptical.
But if blogs can somehow make you money, then the more blogs you have, the better your shot at cashing in, right? So go ahead nay-sayers and why-askers; look who's laughing when I get my book deal.
Plus, I had to get my own account so I could post on Petie's blog...

1 comment:

Patrick said...

I want to cash in on this. Me Me Me. Give me money. Money is what I seek. Everytime I get on here, I have less and less of a desire to post....thats a bad thing isn't it? BT you are the man.